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Goth King Peter Murphy arrested for hit and run, possible meth possesion, in Los Angeles

“Bela Lugosi’s tweaked…” Peter Murphy, the former lead singer of Bauhaus, was arrested in Los Angeles on Saturday night after an apparent hit and run that injured the other driver. Veronica Rocha, reporting for the Glendale Times Community News, writes: The eyewitness followed Murphy, 55, from the crash at Central and Goode avenues in Glendale […]

UK’s new drug czar wanted marijuana legalised

News Source: Times Online Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs January 14, 2010 – A RETIRED academic who once called for marijuana to be legalised was appointed as the British government’s new adviser on the harm caused by drugs. Les Iversen, a former pharmacology professor at the University of Oxford, was made interim chairman […]