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Your body language shapes who you are

Without realizing it people are masters of interpreting body language. We subconsciously make snap judgments of people within the first few seconds of meeting them. Amy Cuddy talks about how scientists have found that not only does your mind affect your body language, but your body language (non verbal language) also affects your mind and […]

Woolly Mammoths scheduled to return in 2016

Woolly mammoths, now extinct, roamed the earth tens of thousands of years ago. Current plans of Japan’s Riken Center for Developmental Biology involve using genome sequencing to revive extinct species for the first time including the woolly mammoth in 2016.

John Lubbock – the man who “invented” the Bank Holidays

The Right Honourable John Lubbock, 1st Baron Avebury MP FRS DCL LLD (30 April 1834 – 28 May 1913), known as Sir John Lubbock, 4th Baronet from 1865 until 1900, was a banker, Liberal politician, philanthropist, scientist and polymath. He was a banker and worked with his family’s company, but was also made significant contributions […]