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2014-01-29 – The Duel – Adam And Eve

Freedom Faction Play Punkmas On Earth in Birmingham

6th & 7th December 2013 Bringing Xmas festivities into an immediate explosive entrance over December’s first full weekend, PUNKS ALIVE PRESENTS PUNKMAS 2013 is uncaging two nights of chaos which are set to provide the festive period’s most ferocious and momentous treat. The highly anticipated event at the Adam and Eve in Birmingham is poised […]

Woolwich and Terror: We Must Resist Having Our Enemies Constructed For Us

An astonishing, unprovoked knife attack has taken place on the streets of Britain.  Woolwich? No, Birmingham.  Just weeks ago, 75 year old Mohammed Saleem was butchered with a machete just yards from his front door as he returned home from mosque – in what police believe was a racially motivated murder.  The fact that this […]

Drongos For Europe – Revolution Times (OFFICIAL VIDEO HD

New video from one of Birmingham’s finest! Many thanks to everyone that helped out. Enjoy! ‘Revolution Times’ is available on the Messed Up ep of Dfe Records For more on this video check out this website: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=wJO3ID4AkjE

2012-09-23 – Motion City Soundtrack – O2 ACADEMY- BIRMINGHAM – Birmingham


Sham 69 and Chelsea up and coming performances

Undoubtedly one of the largest and best punk bands of an era Sham 69 are as influential today as they were in the lat 1970’s.   Led by the charismatic and unstoppable Jimmy Pursey, they continue to perform at a level unchallenged by the vast majority of punk bands! There performances are both exciting and […]


‪LIVE update: Riots spread to Birmingham, London chaos no end‬‏ – YouTube

‪LIVE update: Riots spread to Birmingham, London chaos no end‬‏ – YouTube.

Blaze Of Fury – The Duel Live @ The Old Wharf Birmingham