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Cat-Astrophe by Rick Hunt & Angie Bowie

A FUN, COLLECTIBLE, SHARABLE READING EXPERIENCE By Cherie G. Porter The dynamic combination of writer/animal activist Angie Bowie with the remarkable Native American visual artist Rick Hunt has produced an entertaining, fun, and memorable illustrated tale full of humor and adventure that contains poignant statements on larger social issues affecting humans and animals alike. This […]

POP.SEX by Angela Bowie

Angela Bowie has signed POP.SEX to Create Space at Amazon.com ‘What is POP.SEX? Tell me about it,’ said Leee Black Childers. ‘It’s the story of Popular Sexuality from the beginning of time until now, of the characters that have given us references. POP.SEXS allows us to be sexually sophisticated after all we have read and […]

Keith Richards On Keith Richards: Interviews And Encounters By Sean Egan

The iconic life and career of the famed guitarist of the Rolling Stones is detailed in this compilation of interviews that spans the last 50 years. Featuring articles from GQ , Melody Maker, and Rolling Stone , as well as interviews that have never previously appeared in print, it charts Keith Richards’s journey from gauche, […]

TV Smith: Tales of the Emergency Sandwich – book review

News Source: http://louderthanwar.com/tv-smith-tales-of-the-emergency-sandwich-book-review/ Tales of the Emergency Sandwich is the third volume of tour diaries from founding Advert, and travelling DIY punk troubadour TV Smith. In volume three we pick up shortly after ‘How to Become Human’ (the second instalment of TV’s diaries), with TV visiting Australia, venturing further around Europe, and revisiting several of […]

The daily mind, Punk Magazine Book Launch party

Artist Steve Taylor signing books at the Punk Magazine Book Launch party in Brooklyn. Steve drew several covers and other artwork  for early issues of Punk Magazine.


Once upon a time there was a thing they called punk and plugging into an amp was all u  needed to know, still is. Wasnt all about that fashion binge either, just a “fuck u i’ll do it myself” thing still going on out there today in all sorts of things and music.. And one […]

Stainslaw Lem

“Timof comics” has just published a graphic novel entitled “Robot…” – an adaptation of two stories by Stanislaw Lem.  The drawings are the work of a Polish couple living in London.  The artists’ previous achievements include a well-received comic adaptation of Bulgakov’s “Master and Margarita”. Danuta Schejbal, a graduate of the Warsaw Academy of Fine […]

David apps 2012 East London Exhibition

Magic City – A sexual coming-of-age comedy set in seventies Berlin.

Magic City by Michael Dean A sexual coming-of-age comedy set in seventies Berlin.

The Walker Brothers – No Regrets – Our Story

Review of the book by FFR UK Writer:  Chris Mcdougall I felt compelled to do a review of this book which came out a few years ago and in light of the recent passing of John Walker (April 2011). l also had a vested interest as both my parents were on friendly terms with the Walker […]