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The road to official disclosure of the UFO reality

News Source: http://csglobe.com/the-road-to-official-disclosure-of-the-ufo-reality/ The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, which took place over the course of five days at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C, is a definite milestone on the road to official disclosure of the UFO reality. A plethora of high-ranking former government and military personal, along with forty of the world’s leading […]

hArctic nearly free of summer sea ice during first alf of 21st century

For scientists studying summer sea ice in the Arctic, it’s not a question of “if” there will be nearly ice-free summers, but “when.” And two scientists say that “when” is sooner than many thought — before 2050 and possibly within the next decade or two. James Overland of NOAA’s Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory and Muyin Wang […]

What are You Doing Here?’: The memoirs of a black woman in the heavy metal scene

While my interest in heavy metal music is peripheral at best, I’m incredibly fascinated by one of the great incongruities of music subcultures: how can an outcast group, formed on the margins, manage to marginalize people? Much has been made of Riot Grrl, formed as a response to hyper-macho punk scenes, but Girlschool and Lita […]

2012-05-27 – D.O.A – Hunxe – Germany

2012-05-25 – D.O.A – Kling Klang – Wilhelmshaven, Germany

2012-05-24 – D.O.A – Wild at Heart – Berlin

2012-05-22 – D.O.A – Zentral im Kunstlerhaus – Nurnberg, Germany

2012-05-08 – D.O.A – Kult – 41, Bonn,Germany

2012-05-23 – D.O.A – Musa-saal – Göttingen