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New TV documentary – Homelessness in London

Published on May 16, 2013 the number of London homelessness is rising 3 times faster than the rest of England. While the demand for help is up, the money is down. While eastern European account for a larger part of the homeless group. Nikola Ivanov is originally from Bulgaria and has been stuck in London […]

STUFF I *REALLY* LIKE: Monetizing the Hate

I don’t have one fraction of the public attention as a blogger that Heather lives with, but even I, somewhat piddly li’l Appalachian mommyblogger that I am, can be subject to/of some really, really mean online commentary. Lately, I must tell y’all, that anonymous vitriolic stuff has really been getting me down. As someone with […]

Sex Drugs & Hiv

The ‘Sex Drugs & HIV’ Project started in 1995 when Mat Sargent wanted to give something back to the charities that helped him on his life journey. He came up with the idea of recording an album with different musicians on each track. For the first 10 years Mat recorded at Dave Goodman’s home studio […]

Charities Feel Squeezed this Holiday Season

Many Americans are struggling financially. One indication of just how bad things really are is the number of people who are still turning to charities for help. Those charities are also being squeezed by the financial downturn, especially in this holiday season.