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A Story About Cambodia

http://alfredmeier.me/2014/01/06/a-story-about-cambodia/ ‘our beautiful home and people are in danger and the world doesn’t know’. – Cambodian Learn about how greed and corruption turned war-torn Cambodia into a violent dictatorship and the on-going struggle against the evil dictator Hun Sen.

Slavery in the Chocolate Industry

The next time you bite into a chocolate bar or enjoy a hot cup of cocoa you might want to consider a secret horrible ingredient — child slavery. All food has some dark side we’d rather not think about. Eating meat involves killing animals, and that’s not pleasant. Eating tuna kills dolphins that get caught […]

Dead Kennedys’ Jello Biafra Announces Tour

Former Dead Kennedys frontman Jello Biafra has dropped word that he will be returning to Australian shores to play his first live band performance shows for 30 years, bringing with him his new musical project The Guantanamo School of Medicine. Formed in 2009 and inspired by the Iggy Pop 60th birthday performance and  Australia’s Radio […]

Walmart: The High Cost Of Low Prices

Who Benefits from the low cost of goods? This documentary analysis one of the larges retail firms in the world and heavily criticises the way in which it operates. It focuses on how Walmart drives down the prices its willing to spend on produce, leaving farmers and manufactures forced to produce there goods at a […]

The Monetary System

I have always been interested in where money come from, how it is made, and how the values of certain things fluctuate. In my spare time i have watched endless documentary’s in an attempt to give myself some idea of how the monetary system works. Up until now I have found my self bouncing between […]

Global Goverment?

Are we being tricked into believing that we are free when we are really being controlled? This short video uses distributing images and Activist Hip Hop Music to suggest that many of the political changes that are taking place in the middle east are in fact all planed events created by a global government that […]

How the Money Market Profits From You!

Lets Make Money!!!!!! When you pay your money into a bank you would hope that it is safe and protected from any one spending it! But this is not the case! The banking system and your money is a part of an almost endless cycle! The global money market. Released in 2008, this Australian anti-capitalist […]

Has Cannabis been RELEASED? Source: http://pr.cannazine.co.uk  (Cannazine Cannabis News) ‘Dull & tepid’ says RELEASE founder Caroline Coon Back in the 1970s, Release was everyone’s friend.  Anyone who enjoyed using cannabis knew that Release was the place to go for advice and the banner around which we could rally to oppose prohibition. That has all changed. […]

Hemp- Cannabis and Humanity

This effective documentary describes Humanity dependence on the Male sativa strain of cannabis (Hemp) over the period of modern history. Dating back to the founding fathers of America and many years early it recalls how many industry’s where dependent on the materials and goods that can be made from the the Hemp Plant. From the […]

Controlling Our Food Supply!!!

Who Owns Whats On My Plate!!! This documentary uncovers how the major Genetic Modification company Monsanto is slowly developing a monopoly of the world food supply. It begins showing some of the Monsanto products that have been made to help increase crop yield, And how theses products leave soil infertile unless more of the products […]