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The End of the World 2012?: NASA Tells Us There’s Nothing To Worry About!

NEWS SOURCE :  https://www.earth-issues.com

By : Earth-Issues

“In the Alberta prairies east of Edmonton, Canada, it looked like it was raining auroras,” reports photographer Zoltan Kenwell.
Credit: NASA/Zoltan Kenwell

After a quiet couple of weeks our Sun is once again awakening with activity. Over the Memorial holiday weekend Earth experienced category G1 (Minor) and G2 (Moderate) geomagnetic [...]

In Haitian Town, Artists Honor Dead With Rubble Art

Indonesia: Flooding is no longer the fresh-water flooding but sea water

BALIKPAPAN-New Road was recently improved by spurious cemented. Unfortunately the newly placed cement on the broken road does not irregular because crushed by the wheels of the vehicle. so put signpost that reads do not trampled on newly repaired roads and tree limbs for the vehicle through the side street next to it which also [...]

Anti-Stigma Week

Top 5 Plans to Ensure the Continuity of our Species

NEW SOURCE : https://news.discovery.com/space/doomsday-plans-continuity-species.html

by Robert Lamb

If you’ve seen the trailer for the fall blockbuster-bound “2012,” then you pretty much know the entire plot: Earth’s crust collapses like a failed souffle, deadly meteor showers chase John Cusack’s van and ancient Mayans scoff that they totally called it.

In just 157 minutes of screen time, civilization collapses [...]