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Falling Fresh Water Supllies

Global warming and over consumption is leading to the dramatic decline in fresh drinking water supplies around the world. Over the last 25 five years the growth in access to fresh drinking water has dramatically reduced. Between the years 1970 – 1975 access to clean drinking water rose by 11% but between the years 2000- […]

Droughts Continue in Hawaii

NEW SOURCE :  http://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/global/story.asp?s=12732336   Extreme drought conditions in Hawaii likely to continue for months  

Central Somalia Food May Run Out Next Month :(

Like the rest of eastern Africa, central Somalia is in the grips of a debilitating drought. As a result, more than half of the population is in need of emergency food aid and one in five children is acutely malnourished. Large segments of the population have been displaced due to drought and ongoing conflict. Aid […]