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Glen Matlock Plays Kilmarnock

The Duel – I’m on to you

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By : El Diablo

The Duel – I’m on to you
What’s that saying? Always a pleasure and never a chore?
Well that sort of sums up my relationship with The Duel. I’ve yet to hear anything by them that hasn’t impressed, and unlike many other bands waving the punk [...]

Dancing Backward in High Heels

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By :  Mainy El Diablo   – It’s a **** thing

Initially when I heard that the New York Dolls had reformed I was in a quandary.
One of my all time favourite bands were back, but could they handle their legendary status. Would they soar, or would they implode in the public eye? Or [...]

Glen Matlock & The Philistines – Born Running

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By :   Mainy El Diablo  It’s a **** thing

Unfortunately Glen Matlock is never going to be able to slip out from under the shadow of The Sex Pistols.
I wouldn’t know if he considers his past as a millstone around his neck or a nice earner, but post Pistols he has [...]

Eddy and the T-Bolts – Kilmarnock – 3/1/11

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By : El Diablo – Mainy – It’s a **** thing

When is a showcase gig not a showcase gig?
When it’s located in my home town seems to be the answer.
There are three bands playing and I haven’t a clue who they are supposed to be showcasing their talents to.
This is a [...]

Iggy and The Stooges – London – 2/5/10 LIVE REVIEW

According to cultural historians it was a single critical act of random violence at Altamont that delivered the killing blow to the sixties.
This opinion has been repeated so often that most people would be forgiven for taking it as a fact, but is that the whole story?
Did the sixties really take [...]

Angie Bowie Interview

By Mainy – El Diablo Zine
Mainy kindly interviewed Angie about the AidsBeGone cd & show in London, due to us being hectic over here – sorting out the night etc – we didnt get a chance to put up the interview up- either way still an important read as Angie gets ready for her [...]

Jana Peri – Pivo Pivo Glasgow 11/3/10

Review By Mainy

Up until a few weeks ago I had never been in Pivo Pivo, but here I was again sidling up to the bar and getting a drink in. It’s a nice set up, but I’ve yet to see it full.
Maybe they need to get out there and promote, promote and promote.
Tonight it’s a [...]