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Global Goverment?

Are we being tricked into believing that we are free when we are really being controlled? This short video uses distributing images and Activist Hip Hop Music to suggest that many of the political changes that are taking place in the middle east are in fact all planed events created by a global government that […]

Comet Elenin – Teaser 2011

YouTube – Comet Elenin – Teaser 2011. Follow me on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/IlluminatiTV | Comet Elenin – Teaser 2011 : Coming soon – (FANMADE) not Real.

The End of the World 2012?: NASA Tells Us There’s Nothing To Worry About!

NEWS SOURCE :  http://www.earth-issues.com By : Earth-Issues “In the Alberta prairies east of Edmonton, Canada, it looked like it was raining auroras,” reports photographer Zoltan Kenwell. Credit: NASA/Zoltan Kenwell


NEWS SOURCE :   http://oko-planet.su/pogoda/newspogoda/40680-v-kitae-ne-prekrashhayutsya-anomalnye.html CHINA HAS NOT STOPPED THE ABNORMAL GEOLOGICAL PHENOMENAby EDITOR DAMKIN


NEW SOURCE :    http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2010/06/30/2941227.htm   COLD SNAP SET TO STAY By Amy Simmons

Top 5 Plans to Ensure the Continuity of our Species

NEW SOURCE : http://news.discovery.com/space/doomsday-plans-continuity-species.html by Robert Lamb

NEW Flying Car released in 18 Months

By: EXOMATRlXTV Repeated over and over for ease of viewing: I am convinced that these are not Birds as reported. (they would be pretty dumb birds to fly so close to an active volcano) in any case, they are not flying, they are HOVERING..look closely. Earth change ufo’s; Wherever there are earth changes, ufo’s are […]