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Do you ever feel that YOU and this WORLD are incompatible? That either YOU or this WORLD, one or the other, has lost its way? Maybe both? Do you ever feel that the WORLD is an intricate web of deceit and illusion? That man-made constructs such as politics, religion, entertainment, fashion, business, economy, nationality, borders […]

Accordionist in Kailahun laments demise of Salone’s Cultural Music

The classical sounds of typical Sierra Leonean music are no longer to be heard in the country’s once rich entertainment industry while Western style of music has completely crushed that beautiful sound we used to hear from people like the great Salia Koroma of blessed memory. Our music industry is no longer catering for the […]

FFR UK shared a link Iris Schieferstein

Iris Schieferstein The German artist Iris Schieferstein, has worked with dead animals as raw material for her pieces of art for many years. She joins the fragments together to new creatures and thus gives a new face to death. No matter, if her arrangements follow paintings of the great masters of art or if the […]


2011-02-11 – MAGIC LANTERN PERFORMANCE – Wellcome Collection – London, UK

2011-02-11 – MAGIC LANTERN PERFORMANCE – Wellcome Collection – London, UK

Dim the lights, the show must start

NEWS SOURCE  : http://www.blurb.com By Barry Delaney For the past 3 years I have been skamming my way obsessively into the best, not necessarily biggest, shows in Dublin, with the odd sortie around Ireland and England – these are the results of what passes for real entertainment on our fair isle, during these gloomy days.