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Hope for Flooded Thialand

Schools Reopen in Flood-Ravaged Thailand
Hope for the people of Thailand as schools and other public institutions begin to open after horrific floods!!

Tibet’s environment under threat

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The Tibetan plateau is a unique and fragile environment which houses the third largest store of water on the planet. But Tibetans who dare to speak up for the protection of the environment are being silenced. Some are tortured and locked away for many years.

Karma Samdrup (right) is a [...]

What catastrophe are we waiting for?

News Source :   https://peoplesworld.org
by: Marc Brodine
August 16 2010

Whether you call it “wild weather” or “extreme weather” or “weird weather,” this summer is providing many examples of exactly the kind of extreme weather events predicted by climate change scientists.

Some areas are experiencing drought (like the U.S. Southwest, the Russian breadbasket, and parts of Australia). Some [...]

Extreme Weather Causes Global Chaos

One of the world’s top climate change experts says the environmental disasters killing hundreds of thousands of people across the world could be a sign that global warming has well and truly arrived. Sky’s Foreign Affairs Correspondent, Lisa Holland reports.

Hypnotic Earth

Really nice!!!