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Malaria! Early 80s, all female New Wave group from Berlin that you should know about

German New Wave (or “Cold Wave” if you prefer) group Malaria were one of the most interesting groups to come out of Germany in the early 1980s. The all female band was formed by an alliance of Berlin art scenesters Gudrun Gut—an early member of Einstürzende Neubauten—and Bettina Köster. Both had been members of Mania […]

New review of The Duel’s latest album in the Alternative Female Voice Magazine

What are You Doing Here?’: The memoirs of a black woman in the heavy metal scene

While my interest in heavy metal music is peripheral at best, I’m incredibly fascinated by one of the great incongruities of music subcultures: how can an outcast group, formed on the margins, manage to marginalize people? Much has been made of Riot Grrl, formed as a response to hyper-macho punk scenes, but Girlschool and Lita […]

Saudi girl, 15, barricades herself in bedroom after being married to 90-year-old groom for huge dowry

A 90-year-old Saudi Arabian man is suing the family of his 15-year-old child-bride after she shut herself in her bedroom on their wedding night. The terrified teen locked the door from the inside so that her new husband could not enter on their first night as a married couple, and two days later she fled […]


Rock’s Legendary Angie Shares Her Past and Interviews Glam Rock Legends Alice Cooper, Kim Fowley, Cherry Vanilla, and Glenn Hughes of Deep Purple Actress, singer, author Angela Bowie has just signed a publication contract for Lipstick Legends, her time machine voyage to the era of the 1970s when Glam Rock was all the rage. Drawing […]


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Blondie Mother Live From Abbey Road June 2011

Blondie Mother Live From Abbey Road June 2011. Debbie Harry & Chris Stein talk about their new album, thier work from thier youth to now in the legendary Abbey Road. Debbie talks about music being her life and how she feels blessed its part of her daily life. They carry on working ..’No one’s dropped […]

Sundance Interview: Joan Jett

By Katey Rich: 2010-01-26 12:10:28 News Source: Cinemablend.com I am at a film festival, and I got to interview Joan Jett. The logic of this is obvious, given that Jett is the central character in The Runaways, the hot ticket biopic in which Kristen Stewart plays Jett as one of the founding members of the […]

Top Ten Female Punk Icons of The 70s

1. Debbie Harry Interesting Fact : Harry is the daughter of Catherine and Richard Smith Harry, gift shop proprietors from Hawthorne, New Jersey.[1] She attended Hawthorne High School, where she graduated in 1963.[2] Prior to starting her singing career she moved to New York in the late 1960s and worked as a secretary at BBC […]