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Rock’s Legendary Angie Shares Her Past and Interviews Glam Rock Legends
Alice Cooper, Kim Fowley, Cherry Vanilla, and Glenn Hughes of Deep Purple

Actress, singer, author Angela Bowie has just signed a publication contract for
Lipstick Legends, her time machine voyage to the era of the 1970s when Glam Rock was
all the rage. Drawing upon memories of [...]

Silly Laws to p*** o** Authority!

Silly Laws to p*** o** Authority!
Here are a list of 10 silly laws that still apply in the UK Today!

! .The UK law allows a pregnant female to pee in a Police officers hat if there are no facilities near by, the Police officer is also required to shield her with his coat [...]

‘Cannabis’ The Union

The War On Cannabis
This well structured documentary compiles information regarding the prohibition of cannabis throughout much of the world. It highlights some the sinister economics and politics that has lead to the demonization of the drug during the 20th century. Having outlined the reasons behind the illegalisation of cannabis it questions whether or not [...]

UFO Spotted in Russia

Witnessed by hundreds of people on a beach in Russia, two burning comet like aircraft fly through the sky!!