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Mentally Impaired Or Genius You Decide????
This documentary looks at a number of individuals that can be described as SAVANT’s. These incredible people have special abilities that until recently science could not explain. Some of them can retain an almost infinite amount of information and can access it when ever its called upon. thought despite [...]

Controlling Our Food Supply!!!

Who Owns Whats On My Plate!!!

This documentary uncovers how the major Genetic Modification company Monsanto is slowly developing a monopoly of the world food supply. It begins showing some of the Monsanto products that have been made to help increase crop yield, And how theses products leave soil infertile unless more of the products [...]

Tobbaco For Kids!!!

Duncan Bannatyne Takes on Big Tobacco.
Duncan Bannatyne exposes how British and American tobacco companies are marketing their product at children in the developing world, particularly in Africa. He make comparisons to how tobacco products were marketed in western society’s in the early 20th century, when the negative health effects of the product where hidden behind [...]

Nature Technology

The Science Of Nature
This documentary provides an understanding of how modern technology has been heavily influenced by nature. Highlighting ways in which scientists has studied nature to guide our knowledge of movement and flight, to examples of way in which we can use nature to reduce the use of energy within day to day life.

Hope for Flooded Thialand

Schools Reopen in Flood-Ravaged Thailand
Hope for the people of Thailand as schools and other public institutions begin to open after horrific floods!!

Strange Translucent UFO Spotted in Itally

Witnessed by a group of the public and recorded by an establish film maker. the UFO seems to be a see through bubble!!