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New UFO Sighting! Could it be Planet Nibru??????

UFO was spotted in a bright sun halo recorded at Saint Beach Florida! Many people are suggesting that this planet like object spotted in the sky could well be the planet Nibru, Which is expected to become visible to the human eye during the current year 2012. Planet Nibru also known as planet X is [...]

New UFO Sighting

UFO in Amsterdam
This clip is of a UFO spotted on an airplane above Amsterdam. The Video evidence suggests that there is an unidentified flying object moving along side a passenger aircraft. The object was seen by a number of individuals on the plane!!!


UFOs Over BBC Buildings London Friday 24 June 2011

Not so shy anymore are they ?
UFOs Over London Friday 2011.

UFO Retrieved By Russian Military secretly filmed

News Source : www.allnewsweb.com

By Michael Cohen

UFO and alien events in Russia have gone into overdrive over the last six months. It is believed that officials from Moscow’s Interior Ministry are currently in damage-control. Clumsy cover-up stories are quickly being put together to conceal the reality of alien visitation made obvious by a [...]

UFO siting in China 30 June & 9 July 2010

Doomsday sign returns: UFO-like clouds spotted in Romania

NEWS SOURCE – Russia Today Channel

Doomsday sign returns: UFO-like clouds spotted in Romania. A flying saucer-shaped cloud has been spotted in the skies above Romania. People who filmed the video say the cloud viewed from a distance, which is outlined by a ring of sunlight, looks like an alien craft. Weather specialists say the formation, [...]