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Crapoulet Records – Punk and Hardcore Label, DIY and Non Profit for Cool People.

Here’s some news from Crapoulet Records! http://crapoulet.fr (Website) http://crapoulet.fr/shopshop (Mailorder / Distro) http://www.facebook.com/Crapouletrecords (Social Blah blah) http://crapouletrecords.bandcamp.com (listen!)

Great Songs Every Poker Enthusiast Should Listen To

Top Three Tracks Inspired by Poker If there’s a recurring theme used by a lot of musicians today (aside from love), the increase in poker participation/interest can be seen in music, too. In France alone, there are many artists who have used the card game as an inspiration to pen their lyrics as well as […]

Welcome to Garbage Patch State, Where Plastic Rules

Read more: http://motherboard.vice.com/blog/welcome-to-garbage-patch-state-where-plastic-rules#ixzz2VFkdVvVy Follow us: @motherboard on Twitter | motherboardtv on Facebook Today in Paris, a new nation was born. In the modern way, the news reaches America via Facebook, with these historic words: it is with great emotion that we announce that today our Nation has been regognized (sic) at the UNESCO in Paris, […]

‘Horror Europa’: an excellent trawl through the history of European horror cinema

The Hallowe’en season seemed pretty drawn out this year. That’s fine with me though, ‘cos I love it! What other chance to do we get to celebrate all those freaky and ghoulish things we normally hide under our beds and in our broom cupboards? If you want to keep the chills running down the back […]

2012-05-10 – Sham 69 – MONTPELLIER – LANGUEDOC, FRANCE

2012-05-15 – D.O.A – Warm Audio – Lyon, France

2012-05-14 – D.O.A – Secret Place – Montpellier, FR 34

2012-05-11 – D.O.A – Andoian – Spain

2012-05-10 – D.O.A – La Barto – Perigueux, France

2012-05-09 – D.O.A – Miroiterie, – Paris, France