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The London SS meets FFRUK TV

There are many obvious bands which get lauded as major sparks and inspirations within the seventies punk scene but just as potently amongst them is a band which never released anything, though rumours of a demo persist, and had a line-up as unstable as a Labour shadow cabinet in 2016. The London SS though is […]

Dancing With Myself

I have always had a soft spot for Billy Idol, that dates back to when he was in the band Generation X. It was when l was a young-ling, barely into my teens that both Generation X and moi collided, thanks to Glasgow’s Radio Clyde Punk/New Wave show, and thats where l heard the song […]


Angie Bowie is featured on a song on this project ! Support artists living for rock n roll ♥ Mat Sargent – Sham 69 / Chelsea / Splodge / The Last Rock n Roll Band Darrell Bath – Dogs D’amour / UK Subs / Crybabys Honest John Plain – The Boys / Crybabys / The […]

All Aboard The Crazy Train – The Duel

Artist: The Duel Album: All Aboard The Crazy Train Label: FFRUK Reviewer: Mark Lewis www.rockoveramerica.com Date: Nov 4, 2010 The Duel are back, better than ever, and are getting ready to release their new album entitled ‘All Aboard The Crazy Train’ in February of 2011.  The Duel are the legitimate torchbearers to Old School English […]

NEW LTD Edition Boys Live DVD

To coincide with The Boys tour of Japan Vinyl Japan released a limited edition Boys Live DVD and Jap Junk CD. The Boys Website have managed to get hold of the last few copies!!