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Morrissey Live in London

Ok so having just read Morrissey’s autobiography, l now find myself on route to the O2 in North Greenich, wow that’s a bit of journey getting there from West London but due to the recent incursions of going Eastbound to Limehouse, the Troxy, it was actually a walk in the park getting to the O2 […]

New York Dolls Sylvain Sylvain at 100 Club – 3rd July 2014

Destined to be a night which will linger permanently in the minds and passions of the London music scene, the legendary SYLVAIN SYLVAIN returns to town to present an exclusive acoustic show. The event has been as swift and exciting in its arrangement as the sounds the ex- New York Doll has treated ears to […]

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This is gonna be another belter!! Sheffield Punx Picnic gig looks like it’s gonna see a bit of an invasion from north of the border this year with ourselves and other great Scottish bands like Spat & Happy Spastics on the bill. As usual, we’ll be bringing the whisky so prepare for punk rock chaos!! […]

2013-03-03 – The Duel – Surya – Islington London

2013-03-01 – The Duel – The Twist – colchester

2013-02-28 – The Duel – Earl\’s – Maidstone

2013-02-01 – The Duel, The Lampost Gullivers, Gasoline Thrill – HOPE AND ANCHOR – ISLINGTON-LONDON

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Live in London: Hugh Cornwell’s last gig with The Stranglers

Hugh Cornwell’s last show with The Stranglers at Alexandra Palace, London on August 13, 1990. The band would continue without Cornwell but would never be the same. A fucking shame and a particularly big disappointment for this hardcore Stranglers fan. I’m still waiting for a re-union gig.

DOPRA Comp CD – Canadian Ensign Records

website – http://www.canadianensignrecords.com/ The founders of Canadian Ensign Records dont like studios that look like real estate offices and smell like the domestic gate at the Winterpeg airport. Worse yet are record companies that look and sound the same, all the while catering to anyone who has the money to pay for it. Canadian Ensign […]