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Computer Glasses

Google have developed a new product called ‘Google Glass’. It is virtually a computer that is wearable on your face. This is what the user sees: Some of the features of Google Glass include taking first-person pictures, sending messages, having video/phone calls and sharing your experience in first person with friends. This product lets you […]

Self-driving – crash proof cars promised by 2020

Volvo has produced a car that drives itself and have promised it will be made available to the public by 2020. Google have also manufactured a car like this and speculate that it should start mass-production around 2020. Nearly all car accidents are caused by human error rather than machine failure. Google and Volvo claim […]

Google Develops Contact Lens for Diabetics

Google has developed a contact lens that continually monitors blood glucose and insulin levels in diabetics.

Google Buys Military Robot Companies

watch?v=cj83dL72cvg Google has bought several robot-making companies with the intention of being the top dogs of robotics in the future. They have manufactured a range of robots with specific abilities. The aim is to produce a robot with a variety of these abilities to help civilians in various ways such as in rescue missions (e.g […]

NSA spy grid scheme » CSglobe

News Source: http://csglobe.com/nsa-spy-grid-scheme/ How Google, Facebook, Skype, Yahoo and AOL are all blatantly lying to their own users in denying NSA spy grid scheme What do Google, AOL, Skype, Facebook, Apple, Hotmail and Yahoo all have in common? They have all been caught turning over private user data to the government’s spy agency, the NSA. […]