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Sweden Needs More Trash

Sweden does something unique; the country turns trash into power on a national scale (using high-power incinerators). This solves two problems: getting rid of trash before it piles up and generating electricity without burning environmentally-harmful fossil fuels. In fact Sweden does not produce enough trash to supply the populations energy needs so they are importing […]

New German Film Blasts Green Climate Movement…”Climate Protection = Environmental Crimes”

This week’s print edition of FOCUS includes an interview with the producer of a new environmental film to be shown in German cinemas beginning in January: Climate Crimes – Environmental crimes in the name of climate protection. It will premiere soon in Vienna. If you are one of the skeptics, much of the film probably will […]

Green Party 3rd in London Election

Almost a month has past since the Green party achieved third place in London elections. Dose this show that London is becoming more environmentally conscious? It is a dream for many residents of London to make there home a nicer more green place to live. In the future all major city’s will have to address […]

GBH (interview) on CAPITAL CHAOS 2010

Interview with Collin Abrahall of GBH from the Warped Tour in Mountain View, California on 6-26-2010.

Hypnotic Earth

Really nice!!!