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Crapoulet Records – Punk and Hardcore Label, DIY and Non Profit for Cool People.

Here’s some news from Crapoulet Records! http://crapoulet.fr (Website) http://crapoulet.fr/shopshop (Mailorder / Distro) http://www.facebook.com/Crapouletrecords (Social Blah blah) http://crapouletrecords.bandcamp.com (listen!)


Conflict Confirm  Another London Appearance At The Garage SUNDAY 8 DECEMBER 2013 I have organised an all day international Animals Festival in London on Sunday 8th December, Conflict are headlining this and the event is a benefit concert to raise funds for Kieth Mann. There will be many organisations and Animal liberation groups present with […]

Earnestly square local news series on punk rock, 1983

This man will explain punk to you While 1983 may feel pretty late to “break” punk as a cultural phenomenon, Los Angeles Fox affiliate KTTV put together their five part feature covering the recent onslaught of California Hardcore as a bold new movement, and understandably so. Like every generation of olds before them, the historical […]

Live in London: Hugh Cornwell’s last gig with The Stranglers

Hugh Cornwell’s last show with The Stranglers at Alexandra Palace, London on August 13, 1990. The band would continue without Cornwell but would never be the same. A fucking shame and a particularly big disappointment for this hardcore Stranglers fan. I’m still waiting for a re-union gig.

2012-08-26 – Pennywise – PALACE THEATRE – KILMARNOCK

2012-08-04 – Strung Out – Highline Ballroom – New York

2012-08-03 – Strung Out – Middle East – Cambridge Massachusetts

2012-07-17 – Strung Out – Hawthorne Theatre – Portland

2012-08-02 – Strung Out – Mohawk Place – Buffalo,New York

2012-03-07 – RISE AGAINST,ARCHITECTS,TOUCHE AMORE – Sentrum Scene – Oslo