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New TV documentary – Homelessness in London

Published on May 16, 2013 the number of London homelessness is rising 3 times faster than the rest of England. While the demand for help is up, the money is down. While eastern European account for a larger part of the homeless group. Nikola Ivanov is originally from Bulgaria and has been stuck in London […]

Punk 4 The Homeless, gig 4 street children ALL DAYER

Dirty Squatters Compilation: Music For The Homeless

Artwork for the Dirty Squatters Compilation being released by A World We Never Made on Download-For-Donation and on double-CD with a couple of other labels, to raise money for Squatting and the Homeless. Artwork By the awesome AnaSera Chambers (Art)!! Coming Soon!!!

Loaded London Interview Dominic – a homeless man

Uploaded by LoadedLondon on 2 Oct 2010 Loaded London explores one mans reasons behind being homeless. We all assume that homeless people are just lazy bums that could not be bothered to work. What about the people who have been through horrific experiences in their lives and just can not face reality? We have a […]

Anti-Stigma Week

One Homeless Minute

Everyone should have a home – right ?

Pakistan’s worst flooding

News Source :¬† The Observer Two weeks into the worst natural disaster in its history, Pakistan is braced for further flooding as waters in the upper reaches of the swollen Indus river reach critical levels. With more than 1,600 people confirmed dead and as many as 20¬†million made homeless, the country is reeling from the […]

Floods Around The World This Week

Romania <3

California: From Foster Children to Homeless Adults

State Fails to Prepare Foster Youth for Adulthood MAY 12, 2010 A youth who is homeless sleeps on concrete outside a homeless shelter. ¬© 2007 Natalie Leimkuhler RELATED MATERIALS: My So-Called Emancipation By failing to prepare youth in foster care for adulthood and cutting them off from support abruptly as they become adults, California is […]