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Something rotten Down Under: John Lydon makes a fool of himself on Australian TV

Yesterday John Lydon threw a hissy fit on Australian TV talk show The Project and ended up the fool. Looking like a pudgy old tart with a stick up his arse, Lydon’s rant was bereft of even the slightest trace of humor or punkish charm. It’s really quite embarrassing. Hey, hey, hey Mrs, shut up. […]

John Cleese at 36: On Basil, Monty and anger management

You could say it all started with Adolf Hitler. That was who John Cleese could impersonate when he was at school. Highly wrought, apoplectic impressions of the deranged Nazi leader. It brought Cleese laughs and popularity, which all made the shy young schoolboy feel less awkward and less self-conscious about himself, and particularly his height. […]

Mwah-ha-ha-ha: 6 Movie Monsters Ranked by Sense of Humor

Most movie monsters are so utterly dehumanized that they wouldn’t appreciate a good one-liner if they heard it — let alone be able to deliver one. However, every so often you run across a creature who seems to take perverse pleasure in trying to relate to humans through humor, even if its victims rarely survive […]

How funny saves relationships

NEWS SOURCE : http://www.psychologytoday.com by Robert Biswas-Diener At a recent family gathering my wife wore a T-shirt that read “I moved a heavy piece of furniture, ask me how!” And when my large brother-in-law asked her “how” she recruited him to move the furniture! My wife is, as you might have guessed, funny. It turns […]