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Marijuana Disrupts Cancer Pathway of Cigarettes

According to new research conducted in Japan; chemicals in marijuana (THC and CBD) block the activity of a cancer causing enzyme that is common in cigarette smokers. The researchers concluded that these compounds could be useful in the treatment of cancer. “Accordingly, CBD and its related compounds, which are potent inhibitors of CYP1A1 activity, would […]

Woolly Mammoths scheduled to return in 2016

Woolly mammoths, now extinct, roamed the earth tens of thousands of years ago. Current plans of Japan’s Riken Center for Developmental Biology involve using genome sequencing to revive extinct species for the first time including the woolly mammoth in 2016.

Rebellion Festival ’13

There are 38 weeks and 1 day until Rebellion Festival 2013 Rebellion returns to Blackpool Winter Gardens from Thursday 8th to Sunday 11th August 2013, as one of the worlds biggest punk festivals with 4 days of music across 4 stages with masses of bands, plus loads of stalls selling T-shirts, CDs, and DVDs. Line-up […]

2012-04-01 – Punkspring 2012 – Kobe World Kinen Hall – Kobe

A Ticking Time Bomb – Hanging By Your Fingernails

Michio Kaku author of ‘Physics Of The Future’ explains how Fukusima is  still a ticking time bomb as they do not have control of the situation after the accident at the nuclear site.  The disaster is estimated to take 50-100 years to clean up, once they are able to start, providing there are no more […]

Dates of Potential Earthquakes Revealed ?

Take a look at this video – worth taking a note of dates predicted for potential disaster – you never know … Also, here is where you can go to get a free copy of the world map of fault lines : http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_ypalM7eSBEQ/SdzT_ajylVI/AAAAAAAAAbM/XNB1-z6lvKg/s1600-h/tectonic_map.jpg PLEASE share this with your friends around the world – its not […]

Hacienda – From Manchester To Japan With Love

22 April at 22:00 – 23 April at 05:00 Basement Jaxx, Felix Da Housecat and Peter Hook & The Light were all due to fly out to Japan (17 – 19 March, taking in Tokyo and Osaka) and with the tour being postponed until later in the year, The Haçienda has recast its Easter event […]

Indonesia Sinking: North and Sei Tualang Raso,the location of the worst hit by high sea tides

NEWS SOURCE :   http://poleshift.ning.com By Khan Network – City Government (City Administration) Network was asked to find solutions to overcome the flood tide rob or water that has been soaking hundreds of homes in some areas. Therefore, the impact of a devastating flood rob the residents. “It’s been a long time this event, so big […]

Japan crisis: ‘There’s no food, tell people there is no food’

NEWS SOURCE :   http://poleshift.ning.com by Andrew Veresay Japan’s survivors scavenge for food in aftermath of tsunami By Peter Foster, Ichinomaki 19 Mar 2011 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/japan/8392549/Japan-… The unshaven man in a tracksuit stops his bicycle on the roadside and glances over his shoulder to check that he is unobserved. Satisfied, he reaches quickly into the sludge-filled gutter, […]