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A Year on the Manchester Music Scene: 1999-2000

By Louie Shelley. Foreword by Pete Shelley. ‘A Year On The Manchester Music Scene’ is the collected writings of Louie Shelley (no relation to Pete), a freelance journalist who was commentating on the north-western cultural scene at a crucial time in the city’s development.

Sun City (song) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

News Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_City_%28song%29 Sun City” is a 1985 protest song written by Steven Van Zandt, produced by Van Zandt and Arthur Baker and recorded by Artists United Against Apartheid to convey opposition to the South African policy of apartheid. The primary means of that opposition is to declare that all the artists involved would refuse […]

NSA spy grid scheme » CSglobe

News Source: http://csglobe.com/nsa-spy-grid-scheme/ How Google, Facebook, Skype, Yahoo and AOL are all blatantly lying to their own users in denying NSA spy grid scheme What do Google, AOL, Skype, Facebook, Apple, Hotmail and Yahoo all have in common? They have all been caught turning over private user data to the government’s spy agency, the NSA. […]

Our World: Library’s photo.

Winston Churchill manuscript reveals his poetic side Winston Churchill was a journalist, essayist, author and novelist; a historian, biographer and renowned speaker. But now, the man praised by John F Kennedy for having “mobilised the English language and sent it into battle” has been revealed to be that most sensitive of all plants: a young […]

When Duran Duran supported Hazel O’Connor’s Megahype

A fab piece of pop memorabilia from the wonderful broadcaster and journalist, Andy Kershaw, who writes: ‘This letter was sent to me (as the Ents Secretary of Leeds University) some time in November 1980. ‘I still think they were slightly overpaid.’ The letter from M.A.M. Agency was by way booking a band called Duran Duran […]

What are You Doing Here?’: The memoirs of a black woman in the heavy metal scene

While my interest in heavy metal music is peripheral at best, I’m incredibly fascinated by one of the great incongruities of music subcultures: how can an outcast group, formed on the margins, manage to marginalize people? Much has been made of Riot Grrl, formed as a response to hyper-macho punk scenes, but Girlschool and Lita […]

God Save Personal Freedom

YouTube – What a State!. Love Police investigates and whether free speech is still alive & gets arrested !! Shame. Anyway, any peaceful protester needs to see this.  Some very useful insight to how you should treated by Police in protests.

My New York: Sid & Nancy

http://www.nypost.com/p/entertainment/music/my_new_york_C9s2JEPNKbPcy6NH3QyWEN?CMP=OTC-rss&FEEDNAME= NEWS SOURCE : New York Post By REED TUCKER