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Lady Gaga’s bald head is a cap!

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke warns of ‘sinking’ record labels

BBc website report on Tom Yorke warning bands about major record labels going ‘down’.  Unfortunately it seems what efects the co-orporates effects the smaller labels down the chain too.  Its all fine for the established artist who has already a  established a global voice for the songs via big labels or family/ friends connections – […]

Alexander McQueen RIP 1969 – 2010

http://www.alexandermcqueen.com/ Alexander Mcqueens bodies was removed from his London home last night.  The news started flooding in around 5.30 last night. According to sky news, he had hung himself and the police are not treating the death as suspicious. His family and friends are naturally devestated.  He was to meet his brother and sister today […]