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Gay people treated as second class citizens in Russia

Russia’s new law aims to keep homosexuality out of public discussion altogether—and to keep gay people themselves hidden, segregated, and muffled. The law indicates to homophobes that they can beat,rape,torture,and murder gay people with no consequence.

Revolution News’s photo.

Global march challenges Monsanto’s dominance: LIVE UPDATES The March Against Monsanto will see hundreds of thousands in 40 countries unite to challenge biotechnology corporations and protest against genetically modified foods, which despite bans in some countries due to health hazards remain legal in many others. http://rt.com/news/march-against-monsanto-gmo-776/ The march against Monsanto in Melbourne, May 25, 2013. […]

Human trafficking victims tell of drug factory ordeal

Call to protect those forced into crime after being held prisoner on UK cannabis farms Police examine a cannabis factory after a raid in Leyton, London. Some victims of human trafficking are put to work in such factories and can end up in jail. Photograph: David Levene In her cramped bedsit in a northern English […]

The Anti Fun Police Strike Again.

Marky Ramone in Legal Battle

NEWS SOURCE :   http://www.clashmusic.com/news/marky-ramone-legal-battle MARKY RAMONE LEGAL BATTLE PUNK ICON AIMS TO WIN BACK ROYALTIES by ROBIN MURRAY