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Olimpic Flame Goes Out

On its way to the Olympic stadium in London the famous flame which commemorates the theft of fire form the Greek god Zeus by Prometheus was blown in Great Torrington. Whilst being carried by a wheelchair user named David Follett the flame was hit by a large wind blowing out the touch and holding up […]

Green Party 3rd in London Election

Almost a month has past since the Green party achieved third place in London elections. Dose this show that London is becoming more environmentally conscious? It is a dream for many residents of London to make there home a nicer more green place to live. In the future all major city’s will have to address […]

London Olymipics Song – The Flame

This Song has been on active online since December 2011, but with the London Olympic games quickly approaching it is gathering a lot of steam on the net. The video compiles images and CGI created by London 2012 and make for a good watch. Watch the song and decide weather you like it or not?