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Review of The Duel’s Live Show @ The Buffalo Bar Islington 5 Dec 2012.

Courtesy of Mudkiss Fanzine http://www.mudkiss.com/duncanreidreview.htm   More on this check out this website. Descending into the bowels of north London’s Buffalo Bar on a cold December night is always a pleasure when confronted by the sight of London’s own nu-wave band The Duel who since having undergone a line-up change, have put out a couple of […]


Angie Bowie is featured on a song on this project ! Support artists living for rock n roll ♥ Mat Sargent – Sham 69 / Chelsea / Splodge / The Last Rock n Roll Band Darrell Bath – Dogs D’amour / UK Subs / Crybabys Honest John Plain – The Boys / Crybabys / The […]

Viva La Rock – Duel Album Review

“If punk is playing by your own rules the the Duel are certainly punk as F**K” Jessica Pole – Viva La Rock

Rock Generation – The Duel Album Review

“The Duel open this collection simply with an intro. It begins with some classic Punk guitar work but is crying out for a great vocal accompanyment. Instead what we get is a synth section which while not unpleasant, comes across more experimental. “Invincible” has some clangy guitars and (to me) a vocal not unlike Grog […]

Street View Uk Blogg – The Duel Album Review

“I first met Tara Rez around 2004 when she put on a show case of bands including her own band The Duel at the Underworld. Tara walked past me and my head turned. I didn’t know it was her until I asked who Tara was. On meeting her I knew there was something cool about […]

Zak Splash Album Review – Heavy Petal

“The Duel, a punk rock band from London, are releasing their long awaited album, Soundtrack To The End Of The World (The Zak Splash Story), through FFR UK on the 24th September. With influences coming from the likes of The Clash and Iggy and the Stooges, to name a few, their sound is certainly individual!” […]

The Duel Review – Loud Stuff.Com

“The Duel are one of those bands that seem to be able to produce music which sounds ageless, almost harking back to the glory days of punk and rock yet still managing to form something which is new and exciting, and they’ve done it again with this album. There were times when I found it […]

The Duel Spit Out New Album – Planet Mosh

“The Duel are now loaded with a spanking new album entitled ‘Soundtrack To The End Of The World (The Zak Splash Story)’, which carries a hefty collection of punk rock anthems, including the infectious stand out track ‘When The Fire Goes Out’ which is destined to grace radio airwaves. With a full UK tour planned […]

Street Voice Reviews – The Duel Album 2012

“Blimey I thought the last Duel album was immense but this newbie blew me away big style. There was a period in time I never thought the Duel would survive the fallouts but it turned the other way for them and it’s probably safe to say that I believe they are the best band in […]

The Duel Zak Splash Review – Ring Master Reviews

“Soundtrack To The End Of The World is a credible piece of imagination with its tracks nothing less than satisfying and enthralling. The Duel has been to the fore of UK punk for the past few years and shows no signs of leaving their position to anyone else as the album proves.” For More from […]