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Earth in crisis: Is the planet on the verge of a ‘meltdown’?

January 5, 2013 – PLANET – Conditions on the planet continue to deteriorate, particularly in respect to more pronounced climate extremes seen across hemispheres, and the number of volcanoes that are now continuously erupting. The planet is undergoing dynamic change, whereby we’re seeing early evidence that the physical dynamics of the planet is moving towards a […]

Investment Advisor Mark Faber warns of “massive market meltdown”

Published on Nov 14, 2012 by PlanetEarthAwakens01 Mark Faber, noted investor and author of “The Gloom, Boom, & Doom Report,” during an interview on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” Tuesday warned that the global economy will experience a “massive market meltdown.” “I don’t think markets are going down because of Greece, I don’t think markets are going […]

A Ticking Time Bomb – Hanging By Your Fingernails

Michio Kaku author of ‘Physics Of The Future’ explains how Fukusima is  still a ticking time bomb as they do not have control of the situation after the accident at the nuclear site.  The disaster is estimated to take 50-100 years to clean up, once they are able to start, providing there are no more […]