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Enlightened Consciousness’s photo.

good one ! Thoughts are real and they have power too. Self talk and verbal have effects on everyone around you, Even if you can not see if. Remember, we are all connected, we are part of one collective consciousness. Love&light Enlightened Consciousness The Mind Unleashed EWAO

If your path is more difficult

5 Things More Exciting Than The New Pope

1. This kid’s Pokemon Collection. 2. Watching Paint Dry.     3. Watching Grass Grow.     4. Some girl covering

Punk rock, now more than ever: The gospel according to Henry Rollins and various old punks

I’m no Henry Rollins fan but when he’s good he can be very good, as he is in this short piece on punk rock, Is Punk Back From The Dead?, that was broadcast on British TV recently. The clip also includes some thoughts on punk from John Holmstrom, Tony James (Generation X), Mark Perry (Sniffin’ […]

2011-05-18 – Rotten Hill Gang with The Duel and more – Monto Water Rats – London