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Mother Nature held at gun point by industrialism

Brilliant painting that depicts a beautiful mother nature crying whilst being held at gun point by human industrialism.

Bury me with my boots on’: Sid Vicious’s death wish

A few days before he fatally overdosed on some particularly strong heroin, Sid Vicious wrote what appears to be a suicide note. Sid’s mother, Anne Beverley, found it in the pocket of his jeans after his death. The note makes one wonder whether or not Vicious knew exactly what he was doing when he injected […]

Blondie Mother Live From Abbey Road June 2011

Blondie Mother Live From Abbey Road June 2011. Debbie Harry & Chris Stein talk about their new album, thier work from thier youth to now in the legendary Abbey Road. Debbie talks about music being her life and how she feels blessed its part of her daily life. They carry on working ..’No one’s dropped […]

Hope TheY Find FFRUkiN Basket Who Did ThiS !!!

SHAME BIG SHAME On The Head Of The SUSPECT – RIGHT NOW- Wherever You ArE !! Slip Up Get Caught ASAP. Authorities confirm a body found under trash in a Georgia landfill is that of 7-year-old Somer Thompson, a Florida girl who vanished on her walk home from school Monday. Her death has been ruled […]