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In Love And Peace, Muslims Reach Out To Jews While Condemning Islamist Extremists

Source: trueactivist

By Sophie McAdam

Muslims formed a ‘Peace Ring’ around a synagogue in Norway to show their brotherhood to Jews and condemn prejudice and extremism

After thirteen long years of the so-called War On Terror, which has seen an increase in both Jihadism and Islamophobia on both sides of the Atlantic, Muslims have continuously been criticized [...]

Londoners to Counter Anti Gay Hate With Love

This flyer was seen around East London by many early this week , to the shock and disgust of the community and beyond.
In an article on www.pinknews.co.uk/ it revealed the positive action being taken in response to this pointless hate driven campaign:
‘Some residents of London’s East End are planning to cover antigay signs recently [...]

Egypts Revolt for Human Rights

No wonder the internet access goes down – when the people around the world have the power to unite !