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Your Cell Phone is More Powerful than NASA’s Technology that Sent People to the Moon

Moore’s Law states that computer power doubles every 2 years. This means that technology rapidly advances at an exponential rate.

▶ Amazing UFO Footage THE DISCLOSURE 2013 – YouTube

▶ Amazing UFO Footage THE DISCLOSURE 2013 – YouTube. More and more countries open their files on the UFO phenomena and they look to USA to do the same.

461 New planets discovered by Nasa

Published on Jan 7, 2013 So will there be alien life too?  Or are the planets all empty.  Course not!! That’s not how life works is it.  Creation cant help but create life.  I’m sure astrophysics will have some fancy term to prove that simple quote. via Kepler Mission – YouTube. NASA’s Kepler mission Monday […]

✔Mysterious bright flash in sky reported across Texas – Dec 7, 2012 – YouTube

Published on Dec 7, 2012 SOURCE…WFAA http://www.spaceweather.com/ BIG ASTEROID FLYBY: Large near-Earth asteroid 4179 Toutatis is flying past Earth this week. At closest approach on Dec. 12th, it will be 7 million km away, or 18 times farther than the Moon. Astronomers are taking advantage of the flyby to learn more about the asteroid’s orbit, […]

FFR UK shared a link.Asteroid ‘Nibiru’ on collision causes with earth, according to NASA

Asteroid ‘Nibiru’ On Collision Course With Earth, According To NASA According to leaks by unnamed NASA employees and scientists, an asteroid dubbed ‘Nibiru’ is heading in a direct path towards earth, with up to 30% chance of collision. Understandably NASA is keeping quiet for the moment as to not incite panic, and to get all […]

New UFO Sighting! Could it be Planet Nibru??????

UFO was spotted in a bright sun halo recorded at Saint Beach Florida! Many people are suggesting that this planet like object spotted in the sky could well be the planet Nibru, Which is expected to become visible to the human eye during the current year 2012. Planet Nibru also known as planet X is […]

Hubble Captures View of ‘Mystic Mountain’

HubbleSite – NewsCenter – NASAs Hubble Celebrates 21st Anniversary with… – StumbleUpon. Source: Hubblesite.org

‪ORION – The Future Of Space Travel?‬‏

‪ORION – The Future Of Space Travel?‬‏.

Warning – Urgent Message 20 June 2011 – Timeline And Future Events

Friends in USA … PLEASE take time to read this – if its all rubbish then there’s nothing to worry about but you havent lost anything by being aware … think of the people you love and act now! ELEnin dwarf star and related threats are beginning to escalate and my August 1, 2011 safety […]

Message from NASA to be prepared for coming disasters

Message from NASA to be prepared.