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Blondiefest: One Way Or Another, Celebrating The Cultural Legacy Of Blondie

Blondiefest: One Way or Another at the ICA will survey and celebrate the cultural legacy of Blondie and their iconic front-woman Debbie Harry. Blondie is one of the greatest bands ever to come out of New York. Debbie Harry and the band define their epoch – their records and image are synonymous with their time […]

Sierra Leonean diplomat leads UN Classroom Conversations on Sexual Violence conflict

The main focus of a recent Classroom Conversations on Sexual violence in conflict and beyond: a conspiracy of silence was what we can do individually and collectively to stop violence against women? The highlights of the two hour conversation held at the UN Headquarters in New York was the devastating forms of sexual violence which […]

The Physics of Mosh Pits

Research into how humans behave in crowds had mostly been limited to fairly organised situations, like pedestrians forming lanes when walking on the street. But when Jesse Silverberg, a graduate student at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, took his girlfriend to her first heavy metal concert a few years ago, he witnessed a different […]

Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon Put Anti-Fracking on New York Billboard

Advocacy group is urging Gov. Andrew Cuomo not to rush a study on the issue By Rolling Stone Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon and their Artists Against Fracking group have posted a large billboard in New York urging Gov. Andrew Cuomo not to rush a study on the natural gas extraction method known as hydraulic fracturing […]

2012-11-28 – The Gaslight Anthem – Terminal 5 – New York

2012-10-18 – Off With Their Heads – Mohawk Place – Buffalo,New York

2012-10-27 – Heartless Bastards – The Filmore – Irving Plaza,New York

2012-08-31 – The offspring – The Filmore – Irving Plaza,New York

2012-08-12 – Agent Orange, The Queers – Mohawk Place – Buffalo,New York

2012-07-25 – The Babies, Night Manager, Daytona, Total Slacker – Public Assembly – Brooklyn, New York