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Anti-Stigma Week


www.nicepeopletakedrugs.org have produced a video to mark this day.  It is the day when China usually executes people.

Considering our world leaders have all had to openly admitted they have tried drugs, shouldnt the Chinese goverment (& other similar minded countries) who negotiate with our world leaders admit that maybe they should have a bit [...]

“Forgetful Politicians” Deck of Cards Comings Soon!!

“Forgetful Politicians” a deck of cards brought to you by Nice People Take Drugs
‘Within almost every group in every society, you will find people who have consumed cannabis and other drugs at some point in their lives. Politicians are no different.’
The good people of Release, the long established charity advising people about drugs, the law [...]

Nice People Take Drugs (NPTD) Campaign

From the 30th July 2009 Newsletter received from www.release.org.uk

Release’s Nice People Take Drugs (NPTD) campaign is easily one of the most dynamic and exciting campaigns in the drug policy arena anywhere in the world.

Beginning the campaign with London bus adverts was a great, high-impact way of launching it and attracted a lot of media [...]