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New German Film Blasts Green Climate Movement…”Climate Protection = Environmental Crimes”

This week’s print edition of FOCUS includes an interview with the producer of a new environmental film to be shown in German cinemas beginning in January: Climate Crimes – Environmental crimes in the name of climate protection. It will premiere soon in Vienna. If you are one of the skeptics, much of the film probably will […]

Why so much trouble around Palestine??????

The Zionist Story This is a documentary about the problems that occur in the area between the between the Mediterranean sea and the Jordan River. Since I can remember this area of the world has been a hot spot for political, ethical and religious problems. Because of its positioning between some of the most oil […]


Is Bio Fuel The Future? Hi its Sam with another environmentally focused post. I embed this documentary called ‘Fuel’. It highlights how the use of oil, particularly ‘petrol’ is pointless. “Eleven years in the making, FUEL is the in-depth personal journey of filmmaker and eco-evangelist Josh Tickell, who takes us on a hip, fast-paced road […]

GBH (interview) on CAPITAL CHAOS 2010

Interview with Collin Abrahall of GBH from the Warped Tour in Mountain View, California on 6-26-2010.