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Looking back, The Duel’s musical journey has meant we have left a trail of alot of songs as a memory & residue of the years – some were on limited edition cds that we made at the time. Loads may never see the light of day ! Now writing official album no 5. It is […]

Rock’n’Roll Gypsies track on Paul Fox tribute album

Rock’n’Roll Gypsies track on Paul Fox tribute album ! The song ‘Babylon’ is a different version to the Sex Drugs & HIV album and was dedicated to Paul Fox. http://www.foxyswebsite.com/shop.html


Just in case the world does end this year, we thought we d get few more gigs in & see some of u! Live 4 the moment aye !! why the heck not. Hope to see as many of you that are about at any or all these London shows. Get in touch for all […]

2010-02-17 – TV Smith Europe Tour 2010 – TV Smith + Rachel Pantechnicon + The Antipoet + Rob Auton + Poeterry – The Poetry Cafe – London

TV Smith – The legendary front-man of The Adverts