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Educated Earth // Videos – Physics & Chemistry – The Amazing Pharaoh’s Serpent Reaction

This visually stunning reaction showcases the decomposition of the chemical mercury thiocyanate (also known as mercuric sulphocyanate – Hg(SCN)2). While some cheap fireworks simulate this effect, you would be ill advised to try this particular experiment. http://www.educatedearth.net/video.php?id=5270

The Physics of Mosh Pits

Research into how humans behave in crowds had mostly been limited to fairly organised situations, like pedestrians forming lanes when walking on the street. But when Jesse Silverberg, a graduate student at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, took his girlfriend to her first heavy metal concert a few years ago, he witnessed a different […]

The Darkside of Technology

Dr Michio Kaku, a theoretical physicist, discusses the darkside of technological adancement, global warming and how they may lead to a nuclear war.

The World in 2030

. Dr Michio Kaku, a distinguished thereoretical physicist, gives an informed prediction of how science will affect computers, medicine, jobs, our lifestyles and the wealth of our nations in the year 2030

Six Billion Dollar Experiment

This documentary discussion the use of the large ‘Hydron Collider’ built in Geneva. Highlighting how the use of the giant machine can help scientist better understand the underlying principles of the universe.