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The Phobics – Deptford Calling. Ramones/Damned/Thunders

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=200565379684 Debut Album from Deptford’s Punk Legends. 12 tracks of primo guitar fuelled punk. For a limited time prior to the offical release we’re letting these go for a special price of £8.50 post paid in the UK, £9.00 anywhere in Europe and £9.50 anywhere else.

GBH (interview) on CAPITAL CHAOS 2010

Interview with Collin Abrahall of GBH from the Warped Tour in Mountain View, California on 6-26-2010.

2009-11-08 – Glen Matlock @ Cambridge – The Boat House – Cambridge

2009-11-07 – Glen Matlock @ Hitchin – Club 85 – Hitchin, Hertfordshire

2009-11-04 – Glen Matlock @ London – Monto Water Rats – London

2009-10-31 – Glen Matlock @ Cardiff – Bar Fly Club – Glamorgan, Cardiff

East German Punk

Revisiting East German Punk Not even the former East Germany was spared the punk explosion of the late 1970s. But as a new exhibition shows, GDR punks had a very different agenda than that of their western counterparts.

The Ten Best Punk Movies ?

(Reposted)The Ten Best Punk Movies Remember when punk rock was scary? Way back when, there was a place in my home town called the Continental that was one of the first all punk/new wave clubs in the country. As a teen whose idea of cutting edge music was The Eagles, I was terrified to go […]

The world they want us to live in

The world they want us to live in You won’t fool the children of the revolution, my generation, anarchy in the uk, these are the lyrics that have no place in today’s brainwashed society. While the older generation is obsessed with mindless reality TV shows involving ballroom dancing and newsreaders on ice today’s youth is […]

John Lydon Talks The Truth!