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Self-driving – crash proof cars promised by 2020

Volvo has produced a car that drives itself and have promised it will be made available to the public by 2020. Google have also manufactured a car like this and speculate that it should start mass-production around 2020. Nearly all car accidents are caused by human error rather than machine failure. Google and Volvo claim […]

World’s rarest whale seen for first time after New Zealand beaching

The spade-toothed beaked whale is so rare that nobody has seen one alive, but scientists have proof the species still exists. Two skeletons were identified as belonging to the species after a 17-foot whale and her calf beached themselves in New Zealand in 2010. Scientists hope the discovery will provide insights into the species and […]

By: EXOMATRlXTV Repeated over and over for ease of viewing: I am convinced that these are not Birds as reported. (they would be pretty dumb birds to fly so close to an active volcano) in any case, they are not flying, they are HOVERING..look closely. Earth change ufo’s; Wherever there are earth changes, ufo’s are […]