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Margaret Thatcher funeral: Growing anger at £10m ceremonial send-off fit for a Queen

She will go to her grave to the sound of bitter protests and anger at the fact the £10million funeral will be paid for by hard-pressed taxpayers Final goodbye: Margaret Thatcher will be given a funeral with ceremonial honours When more than a million people lined the route of the Queen Mother’s funeral, they were […]

Burn Yr Radio by Instamatic – Queen vs Leftfield ft John Lydon vs Public Enemy

Published on Nov 2, 2012 New video for this old Radio Gaga vs Open Up & Burn Hollywood Burn mashup of mine to publicise my first ever proper VJ gig at Kleptonite on the 10th November at the Britannia in Hackney, it’s free! – more here: http://www.facebook.com/events/539700299377773/ . I still love the Mistah Pok original […]

FFruk The Jubilee

Who Knew The country was in ression? * 60 years on the thrown.she even got up once or twice * Behind the Queen stands Cheryl Cole, who allegedly racially abused a toilet attendant. Standing in for Philip, no doubt. * irish guy Went to a shop and asked the assistant if he had a green […]