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Malaria! Early 80s, all female New Wave group from Berlin that you should know about

German New Wave (or “Cold Wave” if you prefer) group Malaria were one of the most interesting groups to come out of Germany in the early 1980s. The all female band was formed by an alliance of Berlin art scenesters Gudrun Gut—an early member of Einstürzende Neubauten—and Bettina Köster. Both had been members of Mania […]

Anonymous ART of Revolution’s photo

The real Jelly Baby :)

‘My next show/outing is at Club Antichrist next Friday where I will be giving out free sweeties 🙂 Im just hoping that Mike Strutter person dosent hurt me xxxx’

Glen Matlock & The Philistines – Born Running

NEWS SOURCE :  http://itsaxxxxthing.blogspot.com By :   Mainy El Diablo  It’s a **** thing Unfortunately Glen Matlock is never going to be able to slip out from under the shadow of The Sex Pistols. I wouldn’t know if he considers his past as a millstone around his neck or a nice earner, but post Pistols […]