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FFR UK Reggae Punk Mondays 10th March 2014

As their REGGAE PUNK MONDAY nights continues to entice a long lasting and hungry appetite in the passions of the Capital, FFR UK on March 10th provides another invigorating adventure of sound and passion at the 12 BAR CLUB.

2014-01-30 – The Duel – The Black Bulll – Gateshead

2014-01-29 – The Duel – Adam And Eve

The Duel’s Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Tour 2013 Cont/d ..

Picture by Dave Ugly Punk Britain’s most ferociously imaginative punks THE DUEL unleash another blaze of their pungently inspiring and feistily challenging rock ‘n’ roll in an intensive three day explosion across this coming weekend. The London quintet are taking their unique and boundary pushing punk rock veined with melodic temptations and irresistibly barbed hooks […]

Rock’n’Roll Gypsies confirmed for Rebellion Festival

FREE “This is London” Punk/Ska Alldayer Sat 2nd April

Underdog Morsels – 100% Do It Yourself Promotions

Membranes live in Manchester Fri March 4th

SPECIAL ONE OFF GIG! FROM LEGENDARY BAND Membranes play Manchester On Friday March 4th at Gullivers Oldham St Manchester £10 first 50 tickets are £10 with a free CD of the membranes critically acclaimed  ‘kiss ass godhead’ album- email back for details… also…Membranes Marc Riley radio session Thursday March 3rd

The Duel – I’m on to you

NEWS SOURCE :   http://itsaxxxxthing.blogspot.com By : El Diablo The Duel – I’m on to you What’s that saying? Always a pleasure and never a chore? Well that sort of sums up my relationship with The Duel. I’ve yet to hear anything by them that hasn’t impressed, and unlike many other bands waving the punk flag […]

The Sex Pistols Experience- TV Smith , Lamf UK & Shag Nasty @ 100 Club