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The water filtration idea that could save countless lives

According to a new study, this could be an economical option for the hundreds of millions of people around the globe without access to fresh drinking water.

Help save a little girl in India

Today millions of girls are being systematically eliminated from India’s population through the cultural practices of female feticide, female infanticide, and dowry murders. We need the international community’s help to combat this gendercide. Whether you can spare just $10 or $1,000 – every gift enables Invisible Girl project to expand its mission to increase the […]


Reviewed By FFRUK Writer:  Chris Mcdougall l slept with Joey Ramone is not a kiss an tell that the Hyman estate could not afford a super injuntion to stop it being told, but instead an insight into what it was like to be the brother of the Ramones legendary frontman. In the first couple of […]

Nostradamus and the End Times: Prophecies of the Apocalypse

According to the ancient prophecies of Nostradamus, the end times are now upon us. Nostradamus and the End Times introduces the viewer to the bizarre, shadowy and terrifying cosmology of the world famous medieval seer. Learn how this humble apothecary rose to become the close confidante and advisor of the French royal family and how […]

Save Our NHS: get-together near you!

News Source :  http://www.38degrees.org.uk Hundreds of 38 Degrees members have now been in touch to say they’d like to host a Save Our NHS get-together. Thousands more have said they’d like to attend an event. It’s been an amazing response! So now it’s time to get planning. We haven’t got long – political insiders are […]


We are sorry to announce that the Release Helpline is due to close UNLESS it receives some funding from the private sector to continue. Relase have set up an official Facebook for this cause and this is what it says on it : ‘Without new funding, the Release helpline will close. A lot of our […]

What the World needs now

Time for a change – am with you kiddo – all the way … A Child with the words that are in our minds, but we don’t have the time or courage to say or do anything about it, we just sit and watch as our World and people Die, Time we listened and made […]