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John Lubbock – the man who “invented” the Bank Holidays

The Right Honourable John Lubbock, 1st Baron Avebury MP FRS DCL LLD (30 April 1834 – 28 May 1913), known as Sir John Lubbock, 4th Baronet from 1865 until 1900, was a banker, Liberal politician, philanthropist, scientist and polymath. He was a banker and worked with his family’s company, but was also made significant contributions […]

Robots with human brain cells?

Yes, thats what i said, Robots to be controlled by human brain cells. Is this the first seed to the take over of the Robot population?  Not really. Kevin Warwick & Ben Whalley at the University of Reading Uk, have already used rat brain cells to control a robot. They’re researching how groups of neurons […]