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Top 10 Evil Human Experiments

News Source: http://csglobe.com/top-10-evil-human-experiments/ [WARNING] This list contains descriptions and images of human experimentation which may cause offense to some readers. Human experimentation and research ethics evolved over time. On occasion, the subjects of human experimentation have been prisoners, slaves, or even family members. In some notable cases, doctors have performed experiments on themselves when they […]

Slaves Kept At Traveller Site For 15 Years

Slaves Kept At Gypsie Site For 15 Years – YouTube. Homeless people and the vulnerable on the streets  are targetted by gangs and sold for £100  into a life of slavery right here in the UK.  Accoring to charities, the problem is a growing one.

Want a fag ?

Check out what the people go thru just for a smoke ! Can’t be that hard for people to treat each other right .. can it ?