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FFR UK shared a link. George Lucas says world will end in 2012

Seth Rogen, a comedian and actor, said that he was left speechless by a recent conversation in which George Lucas, the producer of Star Wars and other Hollywood hits, told him of his belief that the world would end in 2012. Lucas made his claims at a meeting with the actor and Steven Spielberg, the […]

UFO on New Years Eve!!!

UFO or Firework????? This clip shows three different videos all recorded during the new years celebrations in Taiwan, clearly showing an unidentified object moving unnaturally in the sky.The Videos are all shot from different angles and therefore give a well documented video analysis.

Strange Translucent UFO Spotted in Itally

BUBBLE UFO SPOTTED IN THE SKY!!! Witnessed by a group of the public and recorded by an establish film maker. the UFO seems to be a see through bubble!!

UFO siting in China 30 June & 9 July 2010